Oct 15 2017

About reviews:

I accept very few reviews, which I know can be frustrating if you want to share what a wonderful time you’ve had! Here are my reasons. I understand reviews can be very helpful in getting a sense of what to expect with a companion. Websites like TER were originally created, because women falsely advertised with fake photos or else provided a poor experience. Reviews confirmed that the person in the photos was indeed the lady you’d meet and she wasn’t a scamming or nasty woman. Those are great intentions. However, there’s a dark side of review culture. Reviews can sometimes be false or exaggerated. I received almost weekly emails offering fake reviews for pay. Luckily the reviews I’ve received are fairly accurate, and I’d like to keep it that way. False positive reviews are just as unhelpful as false negative reviews. TER has a rating system that’s based on sexual acts performed. It makes no sense that you could have the time of your life and only be able to rate someone a 7 or 8. I believe the quality of an encounter has NOTHING to do with what activities took place and everything to do with enjoyment, chemistry, and respect. The last and most important reason is that the intimate detail in reviews make me immensely uncomfortable. Even when an encounter feels personal, reviews often come across as an objectifying blow by blow account of activities. That’s not helpful to anyone and feels like a privacy violation. The relationship we have is special and should remain a shared secret between us. Giving it away ruins the magic I am a high class escort and a trained and highly skilled Dominatrix, based in Manhattan and i travel to London, Manchester, and Dublin. Arrange a nice overnight fun with me