Oct 13 2015

Be my money skalve!

Financial Dominatrix!??? Why do you like to be my money pic? Why do you like to be my money slave? Why do you need a fin dom? Think about that question for a while before you apply to be my money slave! Financial domination is a very misunderstood fetish and many take it far too literally. Each money pic or money slave is different, and financial domination is often just a by product of power exchange, seduction, humiliation and general mind control and control over the financial slave. It is a rush, a big turn on, a fetish! This is only for very successful business guys. I don't take regular people in to my world of financial Domination! I am looking for the real money slave! Submit to me! Treat me like your queen and be my money slave! Pay my rent, pay me my vacation in the Bahamas, Mauritius or St. Moritz. Give me money to gamble in London's best Casinos! Buy me an expensive car! Go shopping with me at Gucci, Prada, and buy me a new handbag at LV. Your elegant financial Dominatrix in Manhattan, London, Oman, Barbados, and Turks and Caicos. Be my money pic in West Palm Beach or South Miami. Your financial Dominatrix in St. Moritz and around the World! Give me your money! Spend it on me! Buy me a flat/ apartment/ house in your city! Apply to be my money slave in Milano, Barcelona, Monaco, St.Tropez, Monte Carlo, St.Tropez, St.Moritz, Dublin and around. if you dont have money - please don't apply!