Jan 08 2018

Cuckold test! Your hotwife, cuckoldress for cuckold session in Manhattan, New York

The Cuckold Test:  What do you consider a cuckold? A guy with a small dick. A man who enjoys swinging with his partner. A worthless scumbag and get humiliated from his girlfriend / wife or femdom? A loyal man who enjoys his wife / girlfriend cheating on him  A guy who like to watch his wife/girlfriend fucked from another guy A guy who like to be part with his wife for a mfm and to get fucked from another guy and to  suck a dick from the other guy Or   All of the above! or something else?   ------------------------------------------------------------ What do you consider a hotwife?  A switch woman who enjoys swinging. A dominant woman who is promiscuous.  A submissive who enjoys serving her Master. Any good looking woman with big boobs. All of the above! - ------------------------------------------------------------------   Your girl / wife is playing with a bull, how would you imagine him? Some normal guy she enjoys hanging out with another guy? A guy more hung than you that knows how to please her.  Strictly a BBC who will wreck her. Some good looking guy she's out on a date with.  Or ?   ------------------------------------------------------------------------   How much experience do you have with the cuckold lifestyle?   0 - And not sure what it is.    0 - And dying to try it!    1-5 years - And would consider doing it again  1-5 years - And loved it!    5+ years and wouldn't consider any other type of relationship  -------------------------------------------------------------------------    What's you prefered cuckold level involvement? I want to be there all/most of the time for clean-up and to be used at her will. I just enjoy the clean-up, not to big on everything else. Totally be part of the action, showing them how to play with her or the bull shows me how to play with her I enjoy being in the room and watching - In the closet/bathroom behind a closed door listening +imagining it - devote to her!  You will treat your cuckoldtress.... Like a pampered princess, a goddess! Her will is your command! Her happiness is your happiness. You like to prep her - go shopping with her for nice and naughty lingerie, stockings and a hot dress, and high heels, go shopping with her to get some "toys" to play You like to go with her to a nice spa or prep a relaxing bath and washing her skin and hair, give her a relaxing massage and prep her for her bull. Please send me your "fantasy cuckold test Your Escort & Dominatrix based in Manhattan, New York. Your cuckoldress and hotwife for cuckold session. Your milf and cougar for threesome and fetish play Your dominatrix, based in Manhattan, New York. Your cuckoldress, hotwife, for cuckold session in Manhattan, New York, Miami, South Beach, Los Angeles, Las Vegas.