Nov 23 2020

I kissed her and than...

We had a nice dinner and than we went to the hotel room. i undressed her and kissed her on her neck and than on her mouth.. He was already naked on the bed and was exited to watch me to play with his wife. Than i placed her next to him and kissed and started to massage her nice titts. He loves to watch and i could see that he was getting hard already.
I went down on her and started to lick her pussy and i put her pussy lips apart and slowly licked her wet opening and than i started licked her clit. I pushed her legs more open and i put my tonge deeper and deeper in her and with my left hand i rubbed her clit. She was so wet and i loved it. Now i pushed a finger inside her wet pussy. She started to moan and i could feel that she is building up for her orgasm. Just before i could feel that she is almost ready to cum - i grabbed a big dildo and pushed it in her pussy and fucker her and at the same time i licked her clit... now she is cuming on my tongue - very hard and her juice is all over my face.

He came than close to me and kissed me so he could taste his wifes cum like that... Now she undressed me and it was my turn to have my first orgasm...We had much more fun that night...
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