Jun 07 2015

Money pig wanted!

Money pig, Money slave wanted in Zuerich or Basel! It is a kinky fetish of it's own for some people, a particular BDSM fascination with giving money in service to me as your financial Dominatrix in Basel, Zuerich, Geneva or around that area. People that are turned on by my Financial Domination get excited by giving a powerful woman Money,your financial Dominatrix, to use as She pleases... Most people who are into money domination find the act of getting and sending the money to be highly erotic. The act of giving money has become sexualized in and of itself. It's a kind of BDSM fetish that operates more on a mental and emotional level than a psychical one, and yet provides real service in the real world, and is really hot to some people that find themselves aroused by the power of money, and the power exchange that happens when you give your Money to the Mistress you want to please. Be my money slave in St. Moritz. I will be your financial Dominatrix for St. Moritz or Luxembourg. I offer Dominatrix session in other cities. Let me know when and where you like to arrange a session with me. You can arrange Dominatrix Sessions in Singapore, Tokyo, Bahamas, Barbados, South Beach Miami or around the world.