Mar 17 2019

Please be 100% healthy - no cold, no flu symtoms..

If i agree to see you i expect that you are 100% healthy, no cold , no flu, no infection, no contagoius illness.

i expect that you have no blisters, no pustels, no rash, no medical issues , no sore on lips and a 100% healthy skin (back and front) and so on! 

I am not a doctor and i am unable to know what you have! There are to many un-healthy skin infections, rashes, blisters  out there and i am unable to make a diagnoes what you might have.

If i see something / getting knowlege of your health issue  - and we are already in the middle or our date  and we have to cut our date short than - sorry - no re-found!

It is your responisibility that you are 100% healthy!