Oct 14 2020

Pool party with sexy people

I was invited to a BBQ / pool party in the Hamptons. And i loved it. It was a group of hot, young and sexy people. We had a lovely BBQ and ready to party at the pool. It was an amazing day, sunny and people standing, sitting or hanging out at the pool.
I was near the pool and Bill came over and he put sun lotion on my body. and some on my belly.
I had already couple of drinks as everybody else and i am enjoying the erotic attention. He applied the lotion on my legs and than i could feel that he slid his hand under my white bikini top. He is rubbing the lotion on my breasts and i was tippsy and i was ready to show off..I felt comfortable to let him massage me infront of the other people. IOnly a small group with guys and some girls.
I opend up my legs and he put some lotion between my legs. My white bikini was already a lttle bit wet and the crowed came closer to watch what will happen. A hot couple next to me saw already that i was wet. I think they got turned on and they started kissing and she lost her bikini in a second. . She had nice breasts and i loved to watch them She got fingered and it was hot so watch. Now one ne guy came closer and helped Bill to open my Bikini. Now i was naked. The two guys started to put lotion on my body. I had 4 hands on my body. And now the couple came over and rubbed lotion on me. The girl started kissing me and wow - that was hot to get kissed from her. I closed my eyes and let it happen. Iput my fingers between her legs and rubbed her clit at the same time I could feel that i had fingers with lotion around my pussy. Stranger playing with my body and i could feel fingers in my pussy, rubbing on my clit and now i could feel a tongue on my clitoris. I was already so wet and horny and i loved that kind of party. Hands are spreading my legs and i was open. Now the girl moved down to my breasts and than dowm between my legs. wow - i loved it. Getting liked and please from a girl - it is so hot.
Guys around me starting to play with their dicks and it was not long that i had one dick in my mouth. I started to suck it and i played with my toungh on his dick. I was already so close to cum i took his dick deeper and deeper in my mouth and he came in my mouth. One guy gave me a shot of tequilla and i had another dick in my mouth. Now everybody was naked and i could feel that one guy now was between my legs
He put his hard dick on my open pussy. A little push and he would be inside of me. With a little push he spread my lips and very slowly he entered me. All the way in - slowly. Than he slowly pulled back out until the head was just spreading my lips I could hear the guys’ breathing faster. Now i got fucked faster and faster and after a while he pulled out and came on my belly. I felt another dick at my pussy and he did not wasted any time sliding into me. I was so hot that I just reached my hands around his ass and held on as he fucked me. I was tossing my head back and forth at a strangers dick and moaning while another pounded my pussy. At the same time i had hands and fingers on my body and on my clit. I felt that i am close to my orgasm and started to stroke his dick faster and faster and he was ready to come. He shot his load
down my throat. Now it was time for me to come hard. THe guy in my pussy had no time to pull out of me when i could feel and see my orgasm. People around me moanded. I could feel a lot of cum on my body. The guy pulling out of my pussy and had my juice and his cum between my legs.I came so hard and i was so happy and now it is time to take a shower and cleaned up ... This was just the beginning of the pool party.
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