Apr 24 2019

Screening is required!

Why Screen a Client?

There are more reasons than one to screen a potential patron of your services:


1. To avoid suspicious characters including someone who may want to or is capable of causing sexual, physical or other types of violence or harm. In essence, to keep myself out of danger.


2. To avoid  – timewasters. This may include people who are serial cancellers (especially at the last minute) and no-showers.


3. To reduce the probability in contact with  law enforcement officials.


There is no fool-proof way to be 100% certain that a potential client isn’t a law enforcement agent, a timewaster or someone with the intent of harming you. In countries where prostitution is illegal, anything you say or do (including non-verbal communication) that implies an intent to prostitute could land you in a jail cell.


Rule No. 1: Trust your gut instinct.

Over the years, technology and the internet has made the client screening process a lot easier while at the same time, easier to manipulate by people wanting to do harm. No amount of technology can replace the finely honed skills of a veteran escort with an eye and an ear for picking genuine, honourable and trustworthy clients. For this reason, I personally recommend utilising as many screening methods below as possible.


Screening Methods

Be aware that some methods of screening may put off certain clients. Depending on your situation and how important that information is to you, use your judgement and discretion when deciding whether to accept or refuse a particular booking based on the material you collate.


1. Find out how your potential client found you.
 – Were you referred to them by someone you had seen previously? If so, who is that person?
 – Did they find you on your website? If so, how did they find your website?
 – Did they see one of your online listings? If so, which one specifically?


2. Ask them for their name and do a Google search on it.


3. Obtain their phone number and call them back immediately on that number. Check with them whether the number they have provided is their business, home or personal phone. Also do a reverse check on their number. Google to see if a business number coincides with the business name they provide.


4. Ask them for permission to ring them at their place of employment (preferably on a number that is answered by a receptionist who could put you through to their extension when asked for). Obviously exercising discretion in the interests of the potential client is paramount when doing this.


5. If they have sent you an email, perform a reverse or Google search of their email address. If they haven’t, simply request for it.


6. Request for their occupation, place of work and position. Ask them to send you an email from their work email address.


7. Ask them for their LinkedIn profile name. Set up a new escort profile on LinkedIn which you will use for checking client profiles (some LinkedIn users are able to see who has viewed their profile).


8. If your meeting is at a hotel, ask them for their room number and the name the room is booked under. Call the hotel and ask to be put through to the room making sure to check their name with the receptionist so as ensure that they are registered as a guest there.


9. Obtain scans of their passport or driver’s license, or both.


10. The most common and widely-used screening method is requesting the potential client to provide at least two to three references from other reputable escorts. Check the escorts’ online presence and speak to the escorts. Questions you may want to ask are:
 – What kind of client is he?
 – When did you see him last?
 – Did you have any issues with him at any time?
Ensure that you tie up this information with information you obtain from other sources, for example from review boards (see below). There have been occasions where clients have seen escorts recently and were nice to them but had dangerous old alerts about them. Always do your research.